The Flip Flop: What Can Big Learn from Small


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I recently saw a photo from 2009 that included a person with a “Flip” video camera. I instantly recalled the old days long before 2009 when getting videos off a traditional video camera meant that proprietary software had to be installed on a PC and then a lengthy process of transferring the video content ensued. Then the Flip came along and made it fast and easy to share videos … I found it handy to use. Others did too because it brought a major loss to the traditional video camera’s market share. The Flip quickly won acclaim. Its success was due to the ease of connecting and distributing the content. The point of this metaphor as it relates to system modernization is that functional capabilities (like ease of use for capturing video content and the quality level of the resulting video) were no longer the only priority. A new key requirement emerged: information integration or information sharing quality became the focus. It is interesting to superimpose this observation onto Policy, Claims, and Billing modernization strategy for insurance companies. The usefulness of the metaphor is that the Flip brought a natural evolution where ease of sharing information influenced a rapid change in adoption. Information sharing (video content) was no longer the complex, time-consuming negative afterthought. Ease of information sharing became a positive attribute and distinguishing capability to have. Information that could be shared quickly won out over older technology that was functionally equivalent but required additional layers of software and processes to complete an integration effort.

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