Four Essential Considerations for a Billing System


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The brittle, aging billing systems that still process thousands of transactions daily in our industry don’t meet the expectations of customers, nor do they meet the needs of today’s carriers. If carriers decide to buy a billing system when it’s time to move off a legacy platform, then they need to consider not only system capabilities but also vendor experience. How much experience do vendors have interfacing to a multitude of platforms? In the 1980’s and ’90’s the predominant platform was the mainframe. Today it’s common to have multiple platforms. You may have moved some lines of business to a server, but it’s entirely likely that several still operate on a mainframe. It’s also common to have different systems for different parts of the country ... and those systems are frequently on different platforms. Small wonder that spaghetti-bowl integration abounds. • How much experience does a vendor’s team have in record layout? • How easily does the new billing system communicate? • What kind of conversion do you want?

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