Tom Chesbrough on Future Life Insurance

Today’s Forecast? 100% Chance of Transformation

Insurers have all gotten the message: Maintaining the status quo isn’t an option. Change is necessary or they face being ‘irrelevant’ in the future.  Where are insurance companies when it comes to transitioning to a new way of conducting business? A panel of industry experts (Karen Furtado of Strategy Meets Action, Rob McIsaac and Don Metz of Novarica, and moderator Nathan Golia of Insurance Networking News) shared their comments at StoneRiver’s 2016 Executive Council. Some carriers have made great progress, while others lag behind.

Smart Cars, Smart Homes, Smart Insurers

As a follow up to my article on 12 Strategic & Tactical Questions to Prepare for Insurance in the Future I think it would be good to discuss the questions one at a time to look a little more deeply at the impact on your insurance business. We mentioned that by 2020 there will 50 billion devices connected to the Internet worldwide, also known as the Internet of Things (IoT).

6 Ways to Ensure a Good Vendor Relationship During an Implementation

As customers get to know the vendor and its offering, they go through a long period of discovery in order to learn everything they need to know about the solution. As the relationship matures, one can look back and observe the crossover of enlightenment, but it can be very difficult to fully anticipate what will arise during that maturation period.