David Morales

That’s a Wrap!

Insurance industry veterans know that accounting staff responsible for preparing a carrier’s annual statement draw a sigh of relief after March 1, the deadline for filing. Many of them face a year-end crunch of manually assembling information from different places, systems, and spreadsheets. There’s also a scramble to secure Schedule F funding, in forms of letters of credit, trust fund and other collateral. The scramble for reducing or eliminating the Schedule F penalty is paramount.

Lou D'Allessandro on insurance technology

Uncle Sam Says Robby the Robot Can Get a Driver License

With the advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the embedding of AI in automobiles, the Federal Government National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is considering whether to classify a computer running an autonomous vehicle as a driver. This decision was in response to the Google X self-driving car program to gain regulatory approval and design requirements to make these types of vehicles a reality. These vehicles are expected to be available to the market, being driven (no pun intended) by mostly younger owners, within a few years.