Unleash Ease of Doing Business with Stream® Distribution

Distribution Management Software for Personal & Commercial Lines

The Stream Suite also includes a 100% browser-based distribution management system so that current information for all agents and agencies is at your fingertips, including commissions, without having to access multiple systems. Your personnel can communicate and work with partners better, using accurate information that’s immediately available.

We knew that having insight into distribution channels improves your service to valuable business partners, so we used our 30 years of industry service to develop Stream® Distribution.

A Distribution Management System That Supports
Your Business Objectives

ribution management software, distribution management solutions

Maintaining significant information about licensing, production history and commissions earned helps maximize opportunities and minimize misunderstandings. The result? A competitive advantage.

Key Features

  • Facilitates adjustment of agency agreements when a parent / child agency relationship changes
  • Supports commission calculations for standard, graduated, sliding scale and campaign commission types
  • Releases commissions based on agency agreement
  • Allows separate or combined statements

ribution management software, distribution management solutions

Stream Distribution helps carriers with the evaluation of agent performance and monitoring relationships to determine effectiveness. You also conserve staff time by efficiently managing funds and commissions.

Key Features

  • Business Intelligence to determine channel partner effectiveness
  • Versioned agency data with supporting history views; audit date/time stamps on new and changed agency data
  • Processing macro-level changes that affect all policies for a specific agency or agent

Greater Efficiency

You gain flexibility to define agency agreements by corporation and company. Plus, you can assign an agency type that drives business rules for working with the agency. You increase ease and accuracy in calculating and releasing commissions.

Key Features

  • Maintain details for agency agreements
  • Maintain details about residency type, license number, countersignature, and license effective and expiration dates for licensing credentials
  • View and maintain agency financial activity in an agency account
  • Service-oriented architecture with embedded service bus for easier integration with other systems and services