Property & Casualty Reinsurance Solutions

Personal & Commercial Lines Reinsurance Software

Our two system options ensure a strong fit, no matter what the volume size or requirements for ceded, assumed or retroceded reinsurance administration.

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Reinsurance Solutions

Universal Reinsurance System (URS)

Freedom Reinsurance System (FRS)

You gain true peace of mind from our 20 years of serving the industry by developing P&C reinsurance software with deep functionality. Both systems offer a full range of reinsurance administration functionality from contract definition, to claims, through year-end statutory reporting. Clients respect the value of these systems so much that the Freedom Reinsurance System is a past RAVE Award winner. In addition, our professional services team has a track record of successfully implementing systems.

Every day over 100 insurers count on the insurance expertise built into our reinsurance solutions, which have consistently focused on helping you reach your business objectives:

  • Lower Expenses – Both of our reinsurance systems help lower your combined ratio by decreasing your operating expenses through processing efficiencies, streamlined operations and improved data flows.
  • Operate with Faster, More Accurate Reporting and Recoveries – You can reduce negative float by reducing the time needed for recoverable collection and identify previously undiscovered collectibles. Customers have found millions of dollars in unidentified losses, which more than paid for the system itself.
  • Gain Strategic Advantage – Put your company in a strong position by adding flexibility to respond to changing conditions with what-if ceded reinsurance experience analysis modeling. Lower your exposure to Schedule F penalties with accurate stat reporting for Schedule F exhibits and Schedule P.