Adaptable Life Portraits® Sales Illustration Software

Life Insurance Software for Needs Analysis and Compliant Illustrations

Life Portraits is a point-of-sale solution, providing you with access anywhere, from the field, home or office in an electronic environment. Life Portraits modules create a customized marketing suite that fits the way your company sells and easily adapts to help with opportunities tomorrow. Our solution is designed to strengthen relationships, speed your sales process and ensure compliance.

One of the advantages of StoneRiver’s Life Portraits is the Home Office Maintenance tools that enable the home office to edit plans, resulting in faster changes and less expense.

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The Point of Sale Advantage

Supporting All Lines of Business

This sales illustration system supports all life and health insurance products, including variable and equity-indexed life and annuities, disability income, long term care and more. You can benefit by cross selling with a fully integrated solution from a single source. Life Portraits enables you to respond more quickly to opportunities, closely monitor your sales and rapidly deploy new products.

Key Features

  • One of the most widely used life insurance illustration systems on the market today
  • Supports multiple distribution/sales channels with one system
  • New Business Illustrations for Life, Health and Annuities
  • Supplemental reports library & graphs
  • Robust suite of Personal and Business Needs Analysis
  • More functional value available

Simplified Integration with Open Architecture

Open architecture eases integration with other systems, reducing process inefficiencies and extending the life of your existing IT investments. Have the experience of doing business anywhere for any product line with 24/7 online Internet access with the same module that installs natively on your desktop, reducing the cost of multi-platform deployment. Life Portraits allows you to serve multiple marketing channels with the same software suite to provide greater business agility.

 Key Features

  • Exists on both Internet and Desktop
  • Third party integration
  • Data synchronization

Increase Profitability with Flexibility & Functionality

Life Portraits is scalable, allowing you to tailor a solution to meet your needs today with the flexibility to accommodate future business growth. With this life insurance illustrations system, your organization will process new business transactions more quickly, accurately and consistently. You also can increase speed to market and decrease time-to-issue. The software solution handles many previously manual tasks, saving time and money.

Key Features

  • New Business Illustrations
  • Supports .NET and ACORD transactions / web services
  • Customer-facing system available
  • State-of-the-art data center
  • Worksite marketing
  • End-to-end straight-through processing, from point of sale to e-submission of the application 

Home Office Maintenance

The Home Office Maintenance modules allow the home office to edit, add, remove, or replicate plans. Our solution gives the home office easy access to a variety of plan specifics, including rates, availability details, riders, and classes, allowing it to quickly create competitive solutions with these tools.

Key Features


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