ID3 Policy Administration You Can Count On

A Dependable Policy Administration System for Life, Health & Annuity

ID3 is a comprehensive policy administration system, fully integrated with our point-of-sale (Life Portraits) and automated underwriting (LifeSuite) solutions. With an up-to-date user interface, ID3 supports policy administration from submission to issue and billing to claims. ID3 provides the flexibility of relational information and extensive processing flexibility.

Carriers use this production-proven solution, which covers fixed, equity-indexed annuities, whole, term and universal life, disability income and long term care products. ID3, Life Portraits and LifeSuite improve customer service, increase operational efficiency, and directly impact your financial results.

A Policy Management System Supporting Your Business Objectives 

Broad Range of Capabilities

With ID3 you have powerful operational capabilities to build products inside the software. The system flexibility and functionality can be valuable for time-sensitive applications, defining user attributes, point-and-click navigation, and covering all lines of administration.

Key Functions

• Client & Association Relationships
• Point of Sale Integration
• New Business Tracking
• Agent Licensing and Commission Processing
• Full Policy Administration Processing
• Billing & Collections
• Reinsurance Administration
• Enhanced Financial Reporting

Ease of Implementation and Integration

Using ID3 as an outsourced application customized to your business criteria is an option. You can fill a specific short-term need, bridge a transition, or create a permanent solution. ID3 can be part of a growth strategy, allowing staff to focus on business rather than managing networks and data centers. Cost reduction, risk mitigation and internal control all factor into every outsourcing plan.

Key Functions

• Data Center Outsourcing
• Application Outsourcing

Powerful Integration Capability

ID3 has a strong set of integration features.

Key Functions

• Correspondence Integration Server feeds your document generation tool of choice.
• ACORD Transaction Server supports ACORD standard transactions for case submission and a wide variety of policy owner services transactions.

Supporting the Customer

Ongoing ID3 support is available through several channels. We work closely with clients in all phases of an implementation and in production. You receive support and training for maximum effectiveness.

Key Functions

  • User Group members actively communicate among themselves and with StoneRiver.
  • User Group web site is designed to share and capture questions, suggestions, and issues.