StoneRiver Stream® Policy Administration System

Insurance CIO Outlook Top 10 Policy Administration

You can't grow if you're struggling to get new products to market. See how this business-friendly policy administration system for personal & commercial lines of insurance can solve that problem. Stream Policy is part of the Stream Suite™ core systems & streamlines insurance policy administration from quoting through policy issuance & endorsement. Stream Suitesystems work best on the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, & Internet Explorer 11.


  • Flexible rating that supports product development
  • Easy product configuration - no need to always rely on IT
  • Business Intelligence for actionable data
  • Straight-through processing
  • Seamless document creation & management
  • Designed to evolve as needs emerge with Insurance Integration Platform (IIP®) - slip free of the status quo & current technology limitations


Top policy administration benefits with Stream Policy include:

Reduced reliance on IT
With this policy administration system, authorized business users can make changes themselves using Stream’s system administration tools, which include Product Generation tools and graphical rules entry.

Adaptability to change
You can speed up time to market with new products when using a modern policy administration system. Quickly and easily create new products with Stream Policy’s standardized configuration tools—no custom code—and then get them to market faster.

Easier integration of other services and systems
A modern policy administration system like Stream Policy can reinvent itself as new business requirements emerge without disrupting current business operations.

The entire Stream Suite™ is based on a modern architecture with open technology, designed to be renewable, to be upgraded, and to remain modern. Offering a long and renewable life span, every component of the Stream Suite prevents the core systems from becoming legacy systems in the future.



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