Ceded Reinsurance Management System

It's what you don't see coming that could hurt. Regulatory requirements & the size of recoveries make a reinsurance system like FRS a necessity for accuracy & reliability. From calculating premium & claim cessions to producing information required for Schedule F, FRS handles complex calculations & labor-intensive tasks.  Eighty insurers use StoneRiver reinsurance systems. On-premises or hosted.


  • Treaty & facultative contract management
  • 1-click generation of Schedules F & P
  • Real-time review of recoverable balance
  • Automatic attachment & calculation of ceded premium, commissions, losses, reserves & LAE
  • Automatic allocation of ceded transactions to reinsurers

For reinsurance management, StoneRiver can help. Seeing is believing, so contact us to arrange a time to see the Freedom Reinsurance System in action.