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Unleash Ease of Doing Business with Stream ® Distribution

Stream Distribution—part of Stream Suite™—is a distribution management system, providing current information for all agents & agencies, including commissions, without having to access multiple systems. Personnel can work with partners better, using accurate information that’s immediately available. Stream Suitesystems work best on the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, & Internet Explorer 11.


  • Easier adjustment of agency agreements when a parent/child relationship changes
  • Commission calculations
  • Commission release based on agency agreement
  • Separate or combined statements
  • Business Intelligence to determine channel partner effectiveness
  • Versioned agency data with history views
  • Macro-level changes affecting all policies for specific agency or agent
  • Definition of agency agreements by corporate & company & maintain details
  • View & maintain agency financial activity in an agency account

Stream Distribution & Stream Customer Webinar - June 15, 1pm CT. Registration opens soon. This webinar will be packed with information about two solutions that address some of the most important data your company has: customer information and agent/agency information. If this date and time don't work, contact us to set up an individual demonstration that's convenient for you.