Nothing's more important than maintaining accurate data.

Better Relationships with Stream ® Customer

Many insurers are in the process of implementing a customer-centric business model, so don't let the competition steal your customers. Stream Customer—part of Stream Suite™—is a CRM system for insurance that allows customer & vendor tracking & management of carrier relationships. With Stream Customer, carriers  have one, central view of all customers & vendors. Stream Suitesystems work best on the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, & Internet Explorer 11.


  • Info tracked: Name, demographics for people & businesses, languages, addresses & more
  • Phone & email info specific to a context, like claims
  • Automatic verification & standardization of U.S. addresses
  • Geocoding information display capabilities
  • Automatically saves replaced names as Aliases
  • Info sharable across quotes, policies, claims, accounts with Stream & non-Stream systems
  • Customer data versioned
  • Audit date & time stamped