Better Service with the Stream® Billing System

Property-Casualty Insurance Billing Software

If you believe as we do that billing is an important customer touch point and that systems need to be able to change easily, then you’ll understand the value of the web-based Stream Billing insurance software. Stream Billing is for all personal and commercial lines. With the billing system insurers can operate using up-to-date information, offer new payment methods, and support new products and payment plans. It’s a single insurance billing system for all bill types that integrates easily with third party services and systems. Stream Billing can help you keep agent and policyholder trust high because you can deliver the services they want.

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Insurance Billing Software That Supports Your Business Objectives

policy management systems, insurance billing software
Stream was developed to give you powerful capabilities that deliver a competitive advantage. Customers and agents experience the benefits of your improved business processes, increased automation and enhanced workflow. Online policyholder self-service capabilities also meet policyholder expectations: 24-hour access for inquiries and payment.

Key Features

  • Flexible payment terms - consumers have choices for bill cycles / dates
  • EFT, credit card, payroll deduction, and electronic bill presentation and payment 
  • Pre-integrated with Stream® Customer for a 360-degree view of all people and companies you do business with
  • More functional value available from this billing software

policy management systems, insurance billing software

From the easy-to-navigate screens comes "intuitive processing," says Karen Furtado of SMA Strategy Meets Action. Your billing team focuses on what’s important since intelligent workflow and rules that you set streamline the bulk of the work.

Time to market with new products is faster because setting up new plans is faster. And your administrative burden is lighter with both automatic and manual agency statement reconciliation.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive billing functionality for Single Policy, Account / Multiple Policy, Agency, Mortgagee, and Group / Special bill types
  • Proactive, real-time balancing between Stream Billing and your General Ledger
  • Automatic and manual reconciliation
  • Online inquiry for information on billing, premium and cash activities
  • Intelligent workflow and configured rules on how payments are applied
  • More functional value available

Save Time and Expense

Now you can maximize efficiency and gain the true optimization that can only occur with an advanced billing system. Protecting your bottom line by preventing billing leakage is just one of the system's advantages.

The billing system also enables your company to gain efficiencies from using a single billing system for all personal and commercial lines. Integration with other services and systems is also easier and less expensive with Stream Billing’s enterprise service bus. And you have more flexibility because of the web services and service-oriented architecture. Ripping and replacing billing systems becomes a thing of the past.  

Key Features

  • Configuration editor that business analysts can use, saving technical resources
  • Configurable fine-grained services and BPM
  • Configurable business rules; well integrated, proven rules management
  • Designed for growth with virtually limitless placement of rule interactions and access to decision criteria
  • Service-oriented architecture with embedded service bus for easier integration with other systems and services
  • More functional value available 

Why Select StoneRiver Insurance Billing Software?

Rely on our 30 years serving the insurance industry, the deep functionality in this insurance billing system, and our track record of successful implementations. More than 100 insurers have relied on the billing expertise built into our software, which has always focused on helping reach your business objectives.