Nourish Better Relationships with Stream® Customer

Customer Relationship Management Software for Personal & Commercial Lines

Stream Customer is a browser-based customer and vendor relationship management system for carrier relationships that integrates easily with third party services and systems. No data is more important to doing business today than information about customers and vendors, so it’s essential that carriers manage the information well.

Count on us—we have developed insurance systems for 30 years, building richer and richer functionality. Our professional services team members have a track record of successfully implementing insurance systems. Hundreds of insurers have relied on the insurance expertise built into these systems, which continue to focus on helping you reach your business objectives.

A Customer Relationship Management System for Insurance

Superior Service

Having one, central view of all customers and vendors enables improved customer service, which in turn builds a strong competitive advantage. Your personnel can excel at service because with Stream Customer they have accurate customer/vendor information immediately available. For example, they’ll know the nickname the caller prefers to go by, how he prefers to communicate, and all the relationships he has with your company (policies, claims, etc.).

Key Features

  • Customer and vendor information tracked: Names, demographics for people and businesses, languages spoken, addresses, and more
  • Phone / email information specific to a context (for example, claims)
  • Basic and advanced search capabilities for fast access to information
  • More functional value available

Lighter Administrative Load

Eliminate administrative tasks that consume time—like removing duplicate vendors and business partners from the system. You can choose to add functionality for loading U.S. postal codes and addressing info. Personnel can see a claim- or policy-related location immediately without looking it up when you take advantage of geocoding information.

Key Features

  • Automatic verification and standardization of U.S. addresses
  • Map-based geocoding information display capabilities
  • For name changes, automatically saves the replaced names as Aliases for use in searches
  • More functional value available

Better Information

You gain the ability to reduce fraud with improved analysis by trend evaluation. As well as coordinating information about people/organizations your company does business with, Stream Customer offers configurable custom details to capture any information unique to your way of doing business. For understanding concerns for earthquake, wildfires, shorelines, and more, Stream Customer supports spatial data layers.

The structures and services in this Stream system support creating and maintaining the complete master data set of customer information, which can be synchronized with other internal systems.

Key Features

  • Centrally stored information
  • Information sharable across quotes, policies, claims and accounts by other Stream, in-house, or third party solutions
  • Customer data versioned with supporting history views
  • Audit date/time stamps on new and changed customer data
  • More functional value available