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NAIC Focus: NAIC Quiet Time - May 2013

A look at the NAIC National Meeting schedule shows a Spring Meeting held in March or April, a Summer Meeting usually held in August, and a Fall Meeting usually scheduled in the November / December time frame (occasionally October). There is a long period of time between the Spring Meeting and the Summer Meeting. Does the NAIC go on vacation during this time?

Not exactly. Conference calls are held and sometimes interim meetings take place; business proceeds. But this longer period of time allows an opportunity to catch up on things not always discussed after a National Meeting.

NAIC Focus: Fun Facts About Houston - April 2013

Connie Jasper Woodroof hadn't visited Houston in some time, but had occasion to get reacquainted with the area recently. That weekend Houston was hosting the Shell Eco Marathon, Romeo Santos was performing at the Toyota Center, the Houston Children's Festival was in full swing, and the NAIC held its first National Meeting of 2013. The first NAIC meeting of the year is always interesting, as many of the groups have new chairs and attendees get a first glimpse of how things are going to be handled for the remainder of the year.

NAIC Focus: Moving On - March 2013

Did you hear the collective sigh of relief on March 1? That was most of you finally taking a breath after getting through another statutory filing season. Some of you are still working on it; our thoughts are with you.

NAIC Focus: Check the List and Deck the Halls!! - November 2012

Everyone is in for a double treat this month; the NAIC Focus begins with providing a year-end checklist and ends with a summary of the recently held NAIC Fall National Meeting. Everything a company needs to be prepared!

Financial clients can read the entire article on Lifeline.

NAIC Focus: August Atlanta Accomplishment - September 2012

The August NAIC National meeting held in Atlanta was very routine. While there was a lot that was accomplished as well as some surprising deferrals, there wasn't anything that created a sense of excitement or promoted an overall sense of huge accomplishment. Nonetheless, Connie Jasper Woodroof discusses what did occur.

Financial clients can read the entire article on Lifeline.

NAIC Focus: No Lazy Days of Summer for the NAIC - August 2012

The dog days of summer are here. Although the dog days are often thought of as a period of stagnation or inactivity, that is not true for the NAIC. Their work has not only been progressing all summer but will merge with other work at the National Meeting being held in Atlanta later this month. With the approach of the NAIC Meeting, Connie Jasper Woodroof checks in on the progress of some NAIC projects discussed earlier this year in the Focus (see February edition) and at the same time summarizes some of the expected Meeting activities.

NAIC Focus: 2012 Annual Statement Finalized - Jun e 2012

The Blanks Working Group finalized the 2012 Annual Statement during a June conference call, and this issue of NAIC Focus takes a look at what we'll see. Barely enough members of the Working Group attended to constitute a quorum vote. While the chair had difficulty getting regulators that did attend to take an active part in the call, kudos go to California and Indiana for taking an active role in the call activities; they were responsible for the majority of the motions and seconds for adoption changes.

NAIC Focus: ERM More Important Than Ever - May 2012

Recently StoneRiver conducted an online survey which asked respondents about their company's Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) process. Although I was not surprised by the results, I was disappointed. Half of the respondents said they have an ERM process, but of those, 23% said it isn't a formal process with reporting. Another 12% indicated they currently did not have a formal ERM process, but were developing one. Now the really disappointing part -- 24% indicated their company did not have an ERM process and 15% of the respondents indicated they didn't know.


Connie Jasper Woodroof

NAIC Liaison - Connie Jasper Woodroof

NAIC Liaison

Connie is a seasoned statutory accountant and educator who serves as the NAIC Liaison for StoneRiver. She regularly attends NAIC meetings to stay abreast of current and anticipated changes in regulatory reporting. Her long-range view and interpretation of the trends is invaluable to clients in applying new requirements, and preparing for anticipated changes.

Connie is active in IASA and is a frequent speaker at IASA Chapter meetings around the country, as well as the IASA's Annual Educational Conference and Business Show.

Prior to joining StoneRiver, Connie was the Financial Reporting Education Coordinator for the NAIC. She came to the NAIC with ten years of experience preparing annual statements in both the Life and P&C industries. Woodroof earned her bachelor's degree in accounting from Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana and holds the designation of FLMI, and a Masters Degree in General Psychology from the University of the Rockies, Colorado Springs, Colorado.