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NAIC Focus: It’s The Most Wonderful Time of The Year!

The thrill of anticipation is in the air. Can you feel it? Presents are wrapped, cookies are baked, eggs are nogged. And now, one last thing to make your year complete…. My annual NAIC checklist!

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NAIC Focus: Where Was the NAIC August National Meeting?

Clues. A giant milk bottle that is an ice cream stand, the oldest restaurant in the country, pizza that is better than NYC’s, the Freedom Trail, Public Garden Swan Boats, Old Ironsides. Too vague? Do these additional clues help? Old North Church, MIT, Harvard, John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Fenway Park. If you didn’t guess Boston by now, you lead a very sheltered life and/or maybe need to study up on U.S. geography.

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NAIC Focus: Did you Know?

I spend a lot of time reading and disseminating information. For the most part, what I provide is summary information that I hope will alert the reader to issues that are being discussed and decided. If that subject is of interest to the company, they can follow-up with me for more details. Although Sapiens/StoneRiver provides this information to be helpful, I have stated many times that companies need to keep abreast of the issues on their own.

NAIC Focus: That’s a Wrap!

June is almost gone. What does that mean for statutory accountants? That means the Blanks Working Groups holds a conference call to finalize that year’s annual statement reporting format and instructions. And the Working Group might adopt a few proposals for the future. This year’s call was held on June 13.

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NAIC Focus: NAIC for May

Some time ago, we started a tradition at StoneRiver of using the May NAIC Focus to discuss what the Risk-Based Capital (RBC) Formulas for the year will look like and how they will work. Guess what month it is? May. So here is the RBC update.

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NAIC Focus: NAIC for April

While you were trying to get caught up from the January and February items that were pushed aside because of the March 1 filing deadline, I headed to the Spring NAIC National Meeting in Milwaukee. I have to be honest, I was a little apprehensive about Milwaukee in March. The weather in my home area of Kansas City can be unpredictable in March, and Milwaukee is a lot farther north. My fears were confirmed. IT WAS COLD! And most of the time, it was also very windy, which made it feel even colder. But neither cold nor heat will deter the NAIC Meetings (although once a hurricane did)!

NAIC Focus: NAIC for February

I know! I know! You haven’t even completed your statutory annual filings yet. I fully understand. But you don’t have a lot of time after the annual filings to start on your quarterly filings. Wouldn’t you rather know what quarterly statement changes you will be facing now, rather than at the last minute? That is what I thought! Let’s get you prepared for that first quarter.

NAIC Focus: NAIC for December

Do statutory accountants get to watch the Super Bowl? The Super Bowl falls in the middle of year-end and many of us work a lot of hours in January and February, including weekends. If you are both a football fan and a statutory accountant, do you make sure to not work that Sunday?

This kind of pondering can only mean one thing; year-end is upon us. In what has now become a tradition, we have put together a checklist that just might make things a little easier. And maybe not. Because if you haven’t started planning for some of this, you may find yourself in a bit of mess.


Connie Jasper Woodroof

NAIC Liaison - Connie Jasper Woodroof

NAIC Liaison

Connie is a seasoned statutory accountant and educator who serves as the NAIC Liaison for StoneRiver. She regularly attends NAIC meetings to stay abreast of current and anticipated changes in regulatory reporting. Her long-range view and interpretation of the trends is invaluable to clients in applying new requirements, and preparing for anticipated changes.

Connie is active in IASA and is a frequent speaker at IASA Chapter meetings around the country, as well as the IASA's Annual Educational Conference and Business Show.

Prior to joining StoneRiver, Connie was the Financial Reporting Education Coordinator for the NAIC. She came to the NAIC with ten years of experience preparing annual statements in both the Life and P&C industries. Woodroof earned her bachelor's degree in accounting from Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana and holds the designation of FLMI, and a Masters Degree in General Psychology from the University of the Rockies, Colorado Springs, Colorado.