Implementation Services

The only way to achieve ROI on insurance management systems is with a successful implementation. Our experienced teams focus on assuring your objectives are reached. Each project phase has milestones that help manage risk and control project parameters. We conduct regular status reviews to check project progress.

To ensure success, we assess overall objectives & tailor the implementation and risk management program. Our project team works closely with your team to evaluate project scope and objectives against available timelines and budgets. Then our project manager develops the timeline and program to meet installation objectives.

At the start of every project for an insurance management system we recommend analysis to clearly define the scope, timelines, and budgets of the project, to identify barriers to success, and to align stakeholder goals to project objectives.

At the outset, we assess your usage, availability, security and performance requirements. Based on these parameters and your current IT resource assets, we provide a series of recommendations for the architecture and required infrastructure to support the installation of the StoneRiver solution. We factor in environment procurement and setup into the overall schedule and planning to ensure successful deployment and testing.

With every installation there’s a high degree of variability and complexity for system integration requirements. To deal with this, we have created dedicated StoneRiver teams to focus on system integration issues. Our people bring real-world business, technical and project expertise. At the outset of the engagement, our integration teams will assess outbound and inbound feeds into our system for data, services, real-time requirements, message delivery and reconciliation. Our teams will adapt StoneRiver component services to meet your specific needs.

Migration planning depends on your specific needs. Past engagements have involved a variety of techniques to bring an insurance management system into production. Our implementation teams work with your implementation and business teams to determine the best approach for migration or conversion of data. Different options will be weighed and explored based on how much data you need to have migrated or converted to the new solutions.

Our maintenance and support program is designed to meet the needs of a diverse customer base with unique requirements and capabilities. We tailor the maintenance and support offerings to each carrier’s specific requirements. The Maintenance program addresses ongoing support of the base systems featuring a web-based problem reporting and inquiry system and delivery of system upgrades and problem resolution deliveries.


Hosting/Application Outsourcing


StoneRiver provides broad, flexible Application Outsourcing (or Hosting) services. We can tailor our Outsourcing services to meet your unique needs. Take advantage of flexible, scalable, and quickly implemented systems in a data center with first-rate hosting facilities.



  • Data center services to host applications
  • Account management
  • Service levels / performance metrics
  • 24x7 fully monitored operation
  • Mainframe, Midrange, Enterprise Client/Server, Networks, Telecommunications
  • Data back-up and recovery
  • Security and Disaster Recovery
  • Application support