Managed Cloud Offerings

StoneRiver systems built on Microsoft Azure bring Life/Health/Annuity as well as Property and Casualty customers increased agility, flexibility, and lower total cost of ownership, compared with traditionally deployed insurance systems. StoneRiver managed cloud systems include:

Stream Suite™ - core processing for all lines of business
PowerSuite® - policy, billing and claims administration for workers’ compensation

Life Portraits® Illustrations
LifeApply® e-applications
LifeSuite® Automated Underwriting System

Why Are Insurers Moving to the Cloud?

  • Lower cost of entry
  • Reduced time to benefit/rapid prototyping
  • Pay as you go
  • Vendor responsible for upgrades, uptime and security
  • Integration and scalability
  • Work anywhere

Extending Cloud-Based Systems
Along with using Microsoft Azure for infrastructure behind these core systems, StoneRiver plans to take advantage of cloud-based business intelligence and advanced machine learning in Microsoft Azure to help carriers drive dramatically improved operational efficiencies. Forward-looking insurance customers can optimize payouts, identify fraudulent behavior, and understand their business at a level of detail previously impossible.