Education & Training Services


StoneRiver is offering a LifeSuite Rules training at our Rolling Meadows, IL office.

The Rules class is a full 8-hour day class that includes hands-on workshops.

Course Objective

At the end of this course participants should be able to:

  • Explain the Projects/Rulebook/Rule Group/Rules set up
  • Create  Rulebooks/Rule Groups/and Rules as well as:
    • Assign the Rule Group to the Rulebook
    • Deploy the Project to activate the Rule
  • Make the following adjustments to a Rule Group
    • Deactivate
  • Make the following adjustments to Rules:
    • Edit Existing Rules
    • Copy Rules
    • Create Rule Tables
    • Delete a Rule

The cost of the course would be $1,600 for the first two attendees from your office. If you choose to send more than two, then each additional attendee is only $500 per participant. We would like to gauge our clients' interest in the course before officially scheduling. Please let your account manager or Relationship Executive know if you are interested.