Full range of insurance disbursement print & electronic payment options

Efficient EFTs and Laser Printed Checks

Power2Pay is insurance disbursement software that provides a full range of print & electronic payment options. It's more than check printing software. Power2Pay accepts payment data from any source: payroll, accounts payable, claims & others—then generates the desired form of payment. Power2Pay prints complete checks on blank security stock, so there is no need to purchase and protect pre-printed stock for multiple accounts. The Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) line is printed in the same printer pass with the check data, signature & logo.

The system's unique combination of software encryption, hardware barriers, and positive pay reporting safeguards against criminal activity.

  • Check form templates, graphics & signatures encrypted for use with only one system
  • All client-to-server communication encrypted to prevent interception
  • Compatible with any printer using a Windows print driver
  • Prints to multiple printers & multiple trays. Positive pay files can be sent to your bank on any schedule.
  • Allows online check viewing—in a regenerated print preview, or a stored check image



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