Accounting & Reporting for Insurance Companies

The perfect fit for your insurance enterprise? StoneRiver's strong compliance & financial software, which includes both annual statement & insurance accounting software. Starting with our original FREEDOM financial software, our time-tested systems have streamlined cash, stat, and GAAP reporting for insurers for 30 years.

Financial & Compliance Software

Why Choose StoneRiver?

We’ve been a stable force in the market for so long because we know insurance accounting inside and out, and because we take time to nurture client success. At StoneRiver, we offer more than just technology; we are also an educational resource for statutory accountants. Our staff includes seasoned insurance professionals who provide training seminars and direct customer assistance during filing season.

  • Regulatory Expertise Connie Jasper Woodroof, our NAIC Liaison, is a highly valued educator and expert who is often quoted on regulatory compliance. She provides instruction on statutory accounting and statement preparation, and is a frequent IASA guest speaker. Connie is fully informed on NAIC issues, and alerts clients to upcoming regulatory changes.
  • Accumulated Experience We’ve implemented financial systems in insurance companies of all sizes, types, and levels of complexity. Each client benefits from our vast knowledge base, and each implementation is tailored to individual objectives.
  • Exceptional Client Service StoneRiver still provides generous customer support while others apply additional charges. Our attentive support staff is commended almost daily for their insurance and technical knowledge.
  • Uncommon Integrity At StoneRiver, trust is important. We deliver on our commitments. Our dependability is evident in the size of our client community, and the strength and duration of our ongoing relationships.

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