Education Services

The StoneRiver URS® Support Program training schedule for September 2014 is provided below. These training courses will be held at the StoneRiver offices located in Cincinnati, Ohio. All courses are intended for beginning users and will be taught using the V7.2 system. Included is a description of the course objectives, target audience, and knowledge each student will gain by attending the course.
Currently no more classes are scheduled for 2014

View the training courses as a pdf.

A minimum of four students per training course is required in order for the class to be held. If a class does not meet the minimum attendance requirement, the class will be cancelled. To accommodate our traveling clients, we require that class registration be finalized by Friday, August 8. You will be notified on or before Monday, August 11 if a class you registered for has been cancelled.

Please contact Ava Kinkopf with the student’s name, email address, phone number and the days they will be attending the classes. You may contact Ava via phone at 1-800-864-7873, fax at 513-612-7601, or e-mail at