Why StoneRiver?


Choose With Confidence

StoneRiver is a leading insurance technology partner with the technical agility to ensure consistent success. Here's what sets us apart:

  • Substantial success over time and across lines of business
  • An incomparable range of insurance expertise
  • Smart technology with sound business purpose
  • A reputation for client commitment and integrity

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Substantial Success Over Time

StoneRiver system implementations are tightly attuned to the business objectives of the insurers we serve. From illustrations and underwriting, to policies and claims, to reinsurance—we continuously push technology forward to solve problems and improve performance.

  • The StoneRiver client base represents hundreds of insurance organizations in virtually every line of business and nearly every phase of the insurance process.
  • Organizations of all sizes use StoneRiver insurance technology, including top carriers, TPAs, MGAs, and state funds.

Success of this magnitude is earned—not just once, but over and over again. As new technologies emerge, as time to market shrinks, and as service and reporting demands escalate, we continually forge ahead—helping to increase your success with technology you can depend on.

Incomparable Insurance Domain Expertise

Although mastery of current technology is expected, an intimate understanding of the insurance domain is even more essential, as well as the talent to design a user experience that feels intuitive and effortless.

  • Thanks to the depth and range of our insurance knowledge, we understand the key success requirements in all areas of the enterprise.
  • Our technology works seamlessly to provide superior service from end to end, throughout your company.

Each StoneRiver client benefits from the wisdom we’ve accumulated over hundreds of successful implementations in property & casualty, life & annuity, health, workers' compensation and reinsurance companies.

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Smart Technology With Sound Business Purpose

StoneRiver has always been known for well-designed systems that work consistently as promised, but now our systems deliver even more capability.  

In one of our most successful initiatives, we developed an ageless architectural framework to amplify the flexibility of our robust, time-tested P&C core systems. Today, this design structure enables continuous, unlimited evolution of P&C systems and processes.

Regardless of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, these StoneRiver clients are always positioned to adapt and succeed—without the upheaval of a legacy replacement. These rich P&C insurance enterprise applications are easy to implement and integrate on an incremental schedule. And because they’re highly configurable, they’re easily molded to your way of doing business and providing service.

Client Commitment and Integrity

You can tell a lot about the character of an organization by the strength of its business relationships. Just like the insurers we serve, we believe that service and trust are the foundation of lasting success.

  • When we ask our clients what they value most about StoneRiver, most say it’s the way we listen and respond—we do whatever it takes to ensure their satisfaction.
  • Client satisfaction is deeply embedded in the StoneRiver culture, and we appreciate knowing that our investment in high-trust relationships sets us apart in today’s competitive environment.

Well Earned Trust

Substantial success over time and across lines. An incomparable range of insurance knowledge. Smart technology with sound business purpose. A reputation for client commitment and integrity. These elements define the character of StoneRiver.

Let's work together to realize your most ambitious goals.