You Voted, We Listened - Top 10 Reasons to Attend Summit 2013

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Emily Mertz Emily Mertz, Marketing Manager

Does great client conference customer satisfaction indicate great customer satisfaction as a whole? In both 2011 and 2012, 96% of attendees said the StoneRiver Summit Client Conference met or exceeded their expectations. We’re just striving to hit 100%!

Based on actual comments from previous post-Summit surveys, here’s a compiled ‘Top 10 Reasons to Attend Summit’ list.

Top 10 Reasons to Attend Summit 2013

  1. Great interactive user sessions
    We strive to create ample time for user sessions, as feedback has shown that these sessions provide invaluable information.
  2. “Every year I learn more and better ways to use the software.”
    This is a goal of ours.
  3. Openness to discuss StoneRiver products
    We send StoneRiver employees who have the most product knowledge and experience for this very purpose.
  4. Informative sessions, well presented and timely
    Believe it or not, planning for the next year’s Summit starts the day after the prior year’s Summit ends. Many planning hours are spent perfecting the session presentations.
  5. Great networking opportunities with exhibitors and fellow attendees
    Attendees love having the opportunity to speak with not only exhibitors, but fellow attendees that may use their same StoneRiver product. It’s a great way to bounce ideas off each other, share notes, learn something new and get questions answered.
  6. The interaction with StoneRiver staff
    We’re all about the people. It’s important to us that you meet and interact with those you work with. We’re proud to have strong relationships with our customers!
  7. Product updates
    Summit is a great place to showcase where we are, what we’ve done and where we are going. We like passing this information on to you as soon as we can!
  8. Product tips & trick
    We make sure to include “tips & tricks” sessions for as many products as possible.
  9. Excel Awards program
    2013 will be the 6th year in a row for our Excel Awards program. It has become extremely popular and a great way to showcase implementation and project stories.
  10. Amazing venues
    We have a great venue search team and an even better negotiating team. We fight hard to get the best deals possible, for you and for us!

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