Hooray for SOA – Now what?

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Don Goodenow
Director, Product Management, Reinsurance & Collections

It seems like you can’t turn around without bumping into someone’s new or improved SOA-based process. Platform-based, service-oriented, loosely-coupled, API-interfaced: everyone wants to be there.

That’s great. Service-oriented architecture can deliver real benefits, but let’s remember – it’s an architecture, not a solution in itself. Just like post-and-beam is an architectural style, SOA is a way to build things. So now we have new tools. The important question is the same as it has always been: what do you build with them?

You wouldn’t agree to build a house without seeing the plans. You’d want to talk to the architect, find out what he or she is thinking and why they designed things the way they did. Are the plans functional? Are the component parts useable? Does everything flow? Is there needless duplication? These same questions are the ones to ask someone offering a new processing solution.

You’d look past a solution’s architecture to the functionality provided. Are real business problems solved? Real needs met? Does the solution truly position you for the future?

Just as importantly, you’d look past the architecture to the architect. You’d choose one with experience, one with a solid reputation in the field. You’d choose an architect who has delivered solid solutions in the past.

You’d only proceed after you’ve vetted the builder, and the plans. StoneRiver is building, and we’ll be sharing our plans with you in future blogs. I think you’ll find them of interest.

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How can clients with their

How can clients with their back end processing and database running on AS400 system implement and/or benefit from SOA architecture? Our client need a web service or two to send their data and everything is taken care of by AS400.