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Greg Sohl Greg Sohl, Lead Software Architect StoneRiver

Session preparation for the StoneRiver Summit is in full swing as spring approaches. The eFreedom Annual Statement team is working on a number of sessions that will continue to elevate the knowledge of eFreedom users.

In 2011, we received great feedback from the "eFreedom Deep Dive" session, which covered Combined and Accumulated statement processing as well as best practices for managing Directors and Officers on the JURAT page. That session was more than a cursory look at the program feature. Instead it covered all aspects and use of Combined and Accumulated statements and how to use the various options for working with them. At the Summit in 2012, we'll follow that by taking another "deep dive", this time into Validations. We'll cover everything you need to know to effectively use the validations wizard in eFreedom.

Validations (aka. CrossChecks) have grown significantly more complex over the years, with the scale more than doubling since AS 2000 was released 15 years ago. The 1997 Life Annual statement contained 8,235 validation rules against 228 Pages. The 2011 Life Annual statement contained 17,949 validation rules against 343 Pages. Today many of the validation rules contain multiple tests and/or are run against multiple state or policy form pages. This additional complexity can make review of validations challenging.  The validation viewing wizard in eFreedom greatly simplifies this process with a rich set of features.

As we are assembling the agenda for this session, I'm anxious for your feedback. What do you want to learn? Where do you have challenges with Validations? Please take a moment to review the agenda below and comment with any suggestions.

Session Goals

  • Educate attendees about the nature of the validation rules and mandatory cells.
  • Help attendees understand the various parts and usage of the validations wizard in eFreedom.
  • Review recent changes to the Validations wizard.
  • Show some usage scenarios / walkthroughs.
  • Take attendee questions about usage and demonstrate solutions.

Preliminary Agenda

  • Review recent changes to the validations wizard.
  • Select Identifiers to include in the validations wizard and choose how they should be used. This will include coverage of the new mode that is being added for the 2012 Quarterly eFreedom release.
  • What are the meanings of the 3 tolerance selections available?
  • What do the numbers in the tolerance results preview represent, especially as they relate to rules that are iterated across pages or multiple lines in a schedule?
  • Cover how to interact with the results display
    • Sorting
    • Filtering
    • Viewing iterated (page or line) rules
    • Viewing multiple-test rules
    • For iterated rules, how results are "rolled-up" to the top level.
    • Reading the NAIC's rule formulas and drilling down from them
      • Understanding dollar and percentage tolerances
      • The formula uses the "=" sign. Does it really mean "equals"?
      • When are the left total, right total and difference field relevant?
  • Enter and edit explanations for out of tolerance rules.
  • What is the definition of a mandatory cell?
  • View blank mandatory cells and drill down to them.
  • The validations wizard has two ways to close - Finish and Cancel. What's the difference?
  • How to export validation results
  • How to print validations reports

If you have suggestions, please either comment below or email the eFreedom user group.

I hope you can join us for the StoneRiver Summit and have a chance to learn more about eFreedom's validations and enjoy interacting with your peers in a beautiful setting in Naples.

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