Don’t Be Offended by the “Why” During Claims System Configuration

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Terry Walker Terry Walker, Pre-Sales Engineer

As you face a claims system modernization or replacement at your company, what can you do to make the project go more smoothly? For nearly 15 years, I have worked with clients in that situation: A claims system replacement project was looming or already underway.

One of the most critical parts of the implementation process includes configuring the claims management system to reflect how you do business. The challenge lies in the fact that many companies have operated for years with multiple systems, manual processes, and with few people (or no one) who understand the details of the entire process. Implementation requires understanding every hand-off of information, who needs that information, and for what purpose. Without understanding why a process is done a particular way, it’s like doing a giant jigsaw puzzle without a picture to know what the end result should look like.

So I reinforced the idea “not to be offended by the ‘why’.” By that, I meant that I was going to be asking them why a lot. Why did they do things the way they did? In some cases, we configured the system to follow the existing path, but in many cases, the processes turned out to be redundant or not needed any longer. It was an ongoing lesson that too often we continue to do things a certain way long after the usefulness of a process has passed.

I always appreciated those clients who tracked down answers to my persistent questions of “why.” Their dedication to finding the answers went a long way to determining successful projects.

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