Is BOB a Fraud? Is BOB for Real?

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Don Goodenow
Director, Product Management, Reinsurance & Collections

You know BOB. Sure you do. BOB’s been around for a long time, and I’m sure you’ve seen BOB, or a BOB look-alike a number of times. Everyone knows BOB - Best Of Breed.

BOB’s been the object of everyone’s desire: the absolute best processing component that you could ever want. Powerful and feature-rich, good old BOB was the best at his specific task. He’s been sought-after for as long as I can remember.

But BOB hasn’t had it easy. BOB didn’t always work well with others, and this has become a big problem. Being compared to that other ideal, the fully integrated suite, took its toll. In today’s world, being BOB just isn’t good enough. But neither is just being an integrated suite.

When folks look at a system today, they want BOB, and they want a fully-integrated solution.

This is why StoneRiver’s StreamTM suite was specifically designed to deliver the full integration that has always been the most efficient way to do things. Streams Insurance Integration Platform (IIP) is the backbone of the suite. Integration was built in from the ground up on a modern technology stack that employs an enterprise service bus.

Every processing component is tightly integrated with the Stream suite’s common services, and with every other component on the bus. All are accessed via a UI built to be consistent and seamless across all functions.

Being just BOB has become obsolete since there is now the power of the IIP to build on and the functionality of Stream’s processing components,. But this doesn’t mean that BOB’s days are numbered. Quite the contrary: BOB is still needed, and BOB is alive and well.

Look closely - you can see BOB in the StreamTM solution set. We’ll look more closely in coming posts.

I’d like to hear what you think. Is BOB or integration more important, or is having both the new basic requirement?

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