Big Schedule F Changes Ahead

Sue Peirce
AVP - Reinsurance Operations

In April Connie Jasper Woodroof, our liaison to NAIC, presented information about the main new column for 2016—the Reinsurer Designation Equivalent column—and the proposed 2018 Schedule F reporting format.


Some people may have been confused by the new column because it was labeled as an electronic only column, which has become quite common in investment reporting. However, it’s the first time an electronic only column has been put on Schedule F. It’s a required column but when you do a printed Schedule F on Part 3, which is where the column was added, it will not print. Connie explains in the presentation why we are seeing more electronic only columns.


There was also some confusion this year on the financial ratings of reinsurers, including why these ratings are needed and where to get the financial ratings.


There will be many changes for 2018 Schedule F. Connie explains more in the presentation, which you can watch here. The official 2018 changes appear at the end of the list on

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